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June 9, 2022
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Interior Design Consultant KL

There are many options for interior designers in Kuala Lumpur. The 4-star hotel in Kualalumpur that focuses in conceptual design, Dorsett Hartamas is famous for its hundreds of successful designs. The expert team combines the knowledge and experience of an experienced team to build a functional, beautiful space within your own home. Continue reading to learn more about the most effective options.

Omers Design

Omers Design Sdn Bhd an experienced interior design consulting firm which specializes in architectural, space planning commercial design and residential areas. It was founded in 2009 and the firm focuses on full-service interior and exterior projects, as well as interior consultancy jobs for design. They strive to make homes that reflect light, the space, and also listening to clients’ needs. The interior design consultants at Omers Design work on residential and commercial projects from beginning until the end.

Omers Design’s team has extensive experiences in both interior as well as exterior design, and top-to-bottom renovations. The focus is on the functionality of the space, in addition to presenting new concepts and keeping the best standards in style and craftsmanship. They’re made up of talented, young designers committed to providing the best service possible as well as exceptional quality. Every member of the team of interior designers is well-versed and enthusiastic about the work that they do.

With more than twenty-five years’ working experience in commercial and residential design of interiors, Jazzbi Kwan, founder Omers Design, the company’s founder Omers Design, has worked on a variety of projects in Malaysia and across the world. Her portfolio includes work on initiatives like that of the Chaozhou Wanta Shopping Mall and the ShanTou Ding Tai Fung office tower. Omers Design can help you on any design, modern or old.

ACP Design is a top-rated interior design firm situated in Kuala Lumpur. The company is the leader in the field of commercial and hospitality design as well as providing innovative strategies as well as solutions to their clients. AJM Interiors has been in business for more than 20 years and provides a broad range of services as well as a varied portfolio. Furthermore, B&N Design Associate was established in 2006 and has an extensive knowledge and experience in this field. Their mission is to deliver professional design services and honest service.

Luxe Interior design Sdn Bhd is a design studio which is specialized in design and professional services. The company has a dedicated team of designers who are committed to creativity and concentration on the details. Their mission is to help clients achieve a design that will last and function well. They take pride in their attention to detail and their ability to think outside the norm. They have a long track record of satisfying their clients while achieving the desired outcome. They’ll keep you content.

One Roof Design

Viyest Interior Design is an established team of professional Interior designers and contractors that are experts in office and home improvements. One Roof Design, another KL design business with an innovative and experienced team members. They provide services for interior design, architectural design, as well as space planning. One Roof Design is a group of highly skilled Interior designers and contractors who have a focus on knowledge and experience, and work with a comprehensive approach. Their mission is to give you an original design concept as well as a complete solution to every aspect of your business.

More than 10 years of experience One Roof Design specializes in interiors that are modern and integrates natural elements, warm tones, as well as wood into their plans. These styles are perfect for those who want a contemporary house but with rustic touches. Studio has won numerous awards and praises from both local and foreign sources. The studio provides Interior design and design services. These includes custom-built furniture. Consultations can be arranged along with custom design services.

One Roof Design can create the dream interior you’ve always wanted regardless of whether you’re looking for a gorgeous home or an office. One Roof Design has almost one decade of experience when it comes to designing commercial spaces. They’re able to create whatever space that you desire, from master bedrooms to showrooms. The award-winning firm’s team collaborates closely with customers in order to ensure the design goes smoothly.

AJM Interiors is a leading KL design and design company that has the track record of excellence and ingenuity. Their interior designers’ team design spaces that combine beauty and functionality. The firm was established in 2006, and since then has won numerous contracts. The company has participated in numerous tenders, as well as have won several international design competitions. Turn Design Interior is a excellent choice for anyone looking for an excellent design agency within Kuala Lumpur.

Turn Design Interior

You may be considering Interior design firms for help in updating the look of your home, or to redesign your office. Since its inception in 1998, Turn Design Interior has a proven track record, and is supported by solid business forces. This means that you will receive the highest quality workmanship and the fastest turnaround times for any project they undertake. From bathroom and kitchen renovations to total home transformations the design team at Turn Design can provide you with your entire interior design needs.

Blaine Robert Design Sdn. Bhd. The business has an interior designing business that specializes in bespoke projects. It’s located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The company provides interior design including space planning and custom furniture. They’ve worked with a variety of homeowners of luxury condominiums, including the Ritz-Carlton and St Regis. They provide a personal and professional assistance to fulfill your requirements. Turn Design Interior consultant KL assigns an design consultant to your project. Their team will monitor progress along closely with the client.

Prestige Home Avenue

Prestige Home Avenue, the most renowned provider of home decor ideas and services, is a great start. This company is focused on luxury interior designs for private homes, as well as trendy contemporary designs that are suitable for commercial clients. The company has a wealth of knowledge of construction and blends landscape design and interior design skills. It also offers contract solutions that cover a variety of types of construction projects. The company is situated in KL but provides its services across the nation.

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