Kuala Lumpur-based International School

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Kuala Lumpur-based International School

International School of Kuala Lumpur

ISKL, a school located in Kuala Lumpur provides quality education and a range of extracurricular programs. With a diverse faculty drawn from all over the world, this international school offers a wide range of options. Students have the opportunity to visit the whole region, and take part in programs such as the Global Action Program or Malaysia Week. ISKL offers unique learning opportunities as one of the regional’s oldest international schools.

GIIS Kuala Lumpur

Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur is a school you should consider sending your child if your goal is to get an international education. This school is conveniently located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s CBD. It can be used by families who want to send children anywhere in the nation. It offers dual programs for first through eighth graders, including the Global Montessori Plus Programme (Central Board of Secondary Education) and the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Global Indian International School is a day boarding school for co-ed students that follows Standard 1-12 of the CBSE Indian Curriculum. This school offers the opportunity to study for an IB Diploma. It strives towards cultivating global students by providing a multi-cultural learning environment. The school’s award-winning network includes 21 schools in eight countries and a campus in Singapore. Students can experience global learning and develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

GIIS offers kindergarten to year 12 education and prepares students to sit for the Central Board of Secondary Education and CBSE International exams. It also offers an internationally-acclaimed Global Montessori Plus programme. The school’s curriculum focuses on the development of the whole person – including the spirit of leadership, creativity, teamwork and group dynamics. One of Asia’s few schools that offers such a broad array of academic courses.

For parents looking for an international school, GIIS Kuala Lumpur offers a great option. In recent years, the school was awarded numerous awards including the Prime Minister’s Award of Industry Excellence 2009 by Malaysia Productivity Corporation. This award acknowledges the school’s efforts to cultivate young minds through a multi-faceted approach to education, and encourages productive engagement that results in improved learning outcomes.

GIIS Subang Jaya

Since its introduction of the CBSE Programme, GIIS Subang Jaya was a prominent school in Malaysia. Students at GIIS have outstanding academic records and score high in the CBSE Board Examinations. Malaysian Ministry of Education has recognized the school as an approved CBSE exam centre. All students receive the same curriculum, but at GIIS, they learn through experiential learning and discussions. All students benefit from this learning experience, which leads to academic excellence and continuous learning.

GIIS promotes creativity amongst its students as the creativity class programme encourages students to be creative. This class programme is designed to help students develop and identify their skills. Students are taught to use creativity and authority to convey their thoughts and solve problems. Students of GIIS become compassionate, involved and responsible individuals. The campus is home to a lively community as well as a range of academic programs.

Rocklin International School

ISKL is also called the Rocklin International School. This international, non-profit school was established in 1963. It is a member IASAS, the United Nations and the Green Schools Alliance. Members automatically become parents of the children who are enrolled. The East Asian Regional Council of Schools has accredited the school. Rocklin Malaysia’s only school has all three of these accreditations.

Malaysia’s first International School with an American Curriculum. The school offers a US-based High School Diploma, an International Baccalaureate Diploma and the Advanced Placement Program. Many of the international students attend the school, which is managed by expat parents. However, the students maintain strong cultural connections with their host countries. ISKL students are able to study different cultures as well as receive an American education.

HELP International School

HELP international school, located just 30 minutes away from KL’s city center is a world-class educational institution. Founded in 2014, the school has grown rapidly and has been recognized as one of the fastest growing international schools in Malaysia, with over 1,300 students and 150 teachers from all over the world. Please visit their website to find out more.

HELP International School offers a unique and comprehensive education with world-class facilities and a renowned faculty of educators and leaders. It brings fun and pleasure to learning. The school’s Subang Bestari campus, Shah Alam is equipped with the latest technology and was built to inspire students. Its purpose is to educate students and to foster self-confidence.

The curriculum for HELP International Schools is based on UK National Curriculum. This means that students can choose to study a range of subjects, from the lower secondary level up through the upper secondary. The students can choose from a variety of subjects to learn before choosing between GCSE or IGCSE options in Y10, Y11 and Y11. Two teachers are required for the bilingual program. Parents and students must be committed. This school has been accredited by Cambridge International Examinations. It also holds an international certification from the UK government.


International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), has been established since 1965. Today, the school employs 384 people, with 185 of them being full-time teachers. ISKL enrolled 1,468 students in the 2020-2022 school years. IASAS has a Green Schools Alliance membership, EARCOS is a NAEYC member, and the school also participates in EARCOS, IASAS Green Schools Alliance, IASAS, ISKL, and IASAS. An accreditation can have a significant impact on a school’s reputation.

Students hail from over 65 different countries, demonstrating the school’s global diversity. Students hail from India (China), India, China, Malaysia and Africa. Students also come from Japan, the United States, and Canada. The UAE has many ambassadors who visit the school regularly. This is why ISKL maintains close ties with it. ISKL students are inspired by different cultures and have common values. They have a broad perspective and are able to address global issues.

Because it is capable of balancing academic tradition and new approaches to teaching, The ISKL enjoys a distinguished international reputation. The school offers a wide range of programs and provides the best education for students to prepare them for life’s challenges. The range of programmes available to students is extensive, and they can select from a variety of programs from high school through three-year olds. They also have the option to take IGCSE exams or enroll in Advanced Placement courses. ISKL uses the latest technology and has many co-curricular activities that focus on community service.

One of Malaysia’s most prestigious international schools is the American School of Kuala Lumpur. It provides education in three grades, including secondary school. The school is also known to foster family values. The school’s purpose is to inspire confidence and help society. Additionally, the school offers Model United Nations, sports, fine arts, as well other activities. ASKL offers many additional activities other than academics such as swimming and volleyball, track & field, and golf.

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